Holy Saturday 2020 Quotes Wishes Images Prayers

Holy Saturday 2020 Quotes: Wishes Images Prayers: Holy Saturday on 20 April 2020. In April a coming holy week in which all holy days are coming like good Friday 2020. eastern Sunday 2020 and Holy Saturday 2020.

Holy Saturday 2020 Quotes Wishes Images

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Holy Saturday 2020 Quotes Wishes Images Prayers

“During Holy Saturday, the Church remains at the sepulcher of the Lord, meditating on her passion and death, her descent into hell and waiting in prayer and fasting for her resurrection (Circ 73).Holy Saturday 2020

It is the day of silence: the Christian community watches over the sepulcher. The bells and instruments are silent. It is a day to deepen. To contemplate. The tabernacle, open and empty. Holy Saturday 2020

Central, illuminated, with a red cloth, with a victory laurel. God is dead. He has wanted to overcome with his own pain the evil of humanity. Holy Saturday 2020

The annihilation is eloquent. “Fulget crucis mysterium”: “the mystery of the Cross shines.” Holy Saturday 2020

Saturday is the day we experience emptiness. If faith, anointed with hope, did not see the ultimate horizon of this reality, we would fall into discouragement: “we hoped …”, said the disciples of Emmaus. Holy Saturday 2020

“Something strange is happening – there is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness.

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