App Cloner Premium APK 2.1.1 Mod Download on your Android

Are you using multiple social networking accounts? Are you currently looking for an app that can make access much simpler for you? If yes, we will feel happy to meet you with one of the finest such tools and that is App Cloner Premium APK. Using multiple social networking accounts was surely not an easy task before. One needs to log out from one account first to get access over the second one. It looks quite annoying, isn’t it?

App Cloner Premium APK is just the app that has made the journey much easier now. If you don’t know-how let us help you in the same. Right from solving queries like what exactly it is, what are its advantages and installation process we would also let you know about how to clone the installed application here.


What is App Cloner?

App Cloner is a wonderful tool that is being designed to help users to export APK files from the app instantly. The best thing about this wonderful tool is that it helps users in managing multiple social networking and gaming accounts from the same application without making many efforts. You don’t need to login to the user account separately for different accounts. Users can now easily switch to different accounts without facing any issues.

As the name is describing it well, this is a wonderful tool that helps you in creating the clones of various applications and then further working with all of them independently. The interface being provided by the app is quite simple and easy to navigate and one doesn’t need to root their device also for accessing it.

Advantages of App Cloner Premium APK

App Cloner Premium APK has enhanced the users’ abilities to a greater extent. If you are eager to know how helpful can App Cloner Premium APK be, here are some of the leading advantages that will clear all of your doubts.

Perfect cloning app

App Cloner Premium APK is just the right way to clone various applications without any hassle. One can now easily enjoy multiple accounts through their smartphone without any hassle. The best thing here is that one doesn’t need to think upon using a separate operating system for this. One can use cloned apps in a parallel environment. Both of the accounts being used here are being recognized as being login through different devices. The tool serves as a gem especially when you are using it on some social media sites or gaming accounts.

Privacy Protection

App Cloner Premium APK provides users the freedom of enjoying incognito login. Every action is made through it is now going to be safe. The tool is being designed to keep all of your data safe from the prying eyes of online hackers.

Quick switching between different accounts

Quick switching between the different accounts is one of another major reason behind the success of this wonderful tool. While being an active social media user or a gamer, you might be well aware of the thing that one needs to log out from an account before entering the username and password of another account. Now, that is something boring, right? App Cloner Premium APK has smoothened up the entire process now. One can now easily clone several apps as they wanted to have.

Parallel spaces to enjoy

Users at App Cloner Premium APK are free to enjoy the creation of parallel space without having any confliction now. The entire technique is quiet easier to go. The best thing we need to appreciate here is that the cloned apps will work the same as that of the main app and one really will feel no accessing and security issues over here. Users can now easily access multiple accounts of the same app without switching to the operating system they are currently working on now. The tool has raised the user comfortability and have lower down the issues of crashing also.


The best thing about App Cloner Premium APK is that it is free. Yet it is a premium app, but still doesn’t impose zero costs to the users. Android users are free to get this app from Google Play Store any time they want.

Powerful and stable

The App Cloner Premium APK is quite powerful and stable than that of its basic version. The app is well known for its impressive performance and improves user capabilities to a greater extent.

How to Install App Cloner Premium?


Got interested in App Cloner Premium APK? Wanted to get it on your device? If yes, just follow on the detailed step by step procedure being mentioned below:

  • Launch your web browser and then download the APK file on your device.
  • Now go ahead with the Setting option and then move forward with the Security section.
  • Go the Unknown Sources option and make sure that it is ON.
  • Locate the downloaded App Cloner Premium APK file and then press on Install to allow the installation process.
  • Wait and once done, you can access the app using the app icon any time you want.

How to Clone or Duplicate Installed Applications?

Once you have done with the installation part, next you have to clone the application you wanted to have. If you don’t know how, here is the detailed process for you.

  • Launch App Cloner from your device.
  • Select the app you wanted to duplicate on your device.
  • Once done, you will be asked about the Clone Number. You can choose the number here as per your preferences.
  • Once done, tap on the ✔icon to proceed further with the process.
  • Bingo! You have got your cloned app on your Smartphone now. You can launch and login to your preferred account here.


Guys! Hopefully, this guide has helped you a lot. We have tried to cover the majority of the queries being asked about App Cloner Premium APK in this guide. If you still have any queries you are free to ask any of them in the comment section.

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